Western Sharpshooters, 66th Illinois, Co. D

Reenactors portraying the Civil War sharpshooters and skirmish companies that were armed with state of the art target and repeating rifles.

Schedule of Events

     The 150's are over and it is time to get things going again. Brush off the dust and run a patch down your barrel.The listed events include the scenario, our impression, uniform and weapons guidelines. If anyone has any other events that they are interested in attending or would like to extend an invitation to the WSS or the National Henry Rifle Company, please contact Todd Koster at trk1862@msn.com. This list will be ammended from time to time, based upon members interest and unit committments.

2018 Events


February 22-25, 2018 - Mississippi Stands Event

  • Scenario-Fight for Mississippi (Multiple Scenarios that will include a Brices' Cross Road Engagement.

It is our intent to form a scout company of the 66th Illinois Western Sharpshooters.

The event is called “Mississippi Stands” and will be February 22-25, 2018. The event will feature some of the vital Historic Battles for the control of Mississippi and the border states. These Battles will take place on nearly 2000 acres of Historic Battlefield located at Brice’s Crossroads in Baldwyn, Mississippi.

The event welcomes all re-enactors and organizations to attend this historic event.

Battles: There will be both campaign / tactical style battles along with spectator battles.

Camps: There will be both mainstream, campaign and civilian camps for everyone. Including a civilian "town" with a period saloon. (No doubt competition for our own beloved "Greasy Spoon Saloon and Gaming Emporium". But we will address that at a later time.

Even though Brice’s Crossroads is an 1864 battle, this is not a Brice’s Crossroads portrayal only. Being in northern Mississippi this is in essence a perfect opportunity for our 66th Illinois Western Sharpshooters impression. The WSS were posted in garrison at Camp Davies, Mississippi, which was six miles south of Corinth. They remained there from November of 1862 through November of 1863. It was at this time that they received their initial purchase of Henry Rifles and engaged in patrolling the surrounding countryside in search of rebel forces and bushwackers.

While at Camp Davies they briefly became mounted infantry and served as General Dodge’s escort. So for any of you who have a horse, this would be a great opportunity to use it with your repeater and serve as mounted infantry. If I had a horse, I would bring it. The grounds, scenarios and command structure are perfect for this impression. But I digress and remind you that you do not need a repeating rifle to fall is with us. Bring your period correct muzzle loader and join us.

We are going to form a company, or two , of the 66th Illinois Western Sharpshooters for “Mississippi Stands” and based on my initial conversations we will be under our own battalion command structure. So when you register, please list the 66th Illinois Western Sharpshooters as your unit for organizational purposes.

We have done events on this land before and it will not disappoint. There are plenty of woods for skirmishing and open fields for movement; along with dry creek beds to screen our movements.

If you have any questions or concerns please send me a message or email me directly at


Please consider joining us for this truly unique opportunity. Future emails will address the possibility of putting together a company for Resaca, in May. But for now onto Mississippi.


Some of you may be frustrated because you don't own a repeating rifle, however do not let that be a deterrent. You don't have to carry a repeater to fall in with us. 


Basic uniform requirements for Mississippi:

These requirements are not meant to exclude anyone or to promote an elitist attitude, but to tighten up our impression. These are very basic but if you cannot meet these maybe you should reconsider your choice for the Mississippi event. If you have documentation proving our requirements wrong, please let us know. There is always an unturned stone and room for improvement.


1. Plain Hardee Hat

2. Period Civilian Style Hat

3. Forage Cap

No hat cords or brass. No hat cords or brass. No hat cords or brass.


1. Military Contract Shirt

2. Period Correct Civilian Shirt


1. 4 Button Sack Coat

2. 2. Untrimmed Shell Jacket (No Yellow Trim)



1. Period style glasses

2. Contacts

3. Squint allot

No modern eyewear. No modern eyewear. No modern eyewear.


Sky Blue wool infantry or mounted style trousers


Infantry leathers, haversack and canteen


1. Brogans

2. Period Correct Military Boots

No modern boots or shoes please. No modern boots or shoes please.


1. Shelter half, dog tent

2. Shebang

3. A-Tent if you must


1. Henry Rifle

2. Spencer Rifle

3. Dimmick Style Target Rifle

4. Springfield or Enfield 3 band

We need to keep a military camp and impression the entire event once it has started. Hide all non period items such as coolers, cell phones etc. We want to keep the impression sharp and need everyone to help by “policing” their impression.

If you are interested in portraying a part of Wilder's Brigade, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please ask.
If you need assistance in finding any items, such as a Henry or Spencer rifle, we can help.


Todd Koster
Steve Rossio
Andy Bresnan

Western Sharpshooters/66th Illinois, Co. D
National Henry Rifle Company



2018 Events


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