Western Sharpshooters, 66th Illinois, Co. D

Reenactors portraying the Civil War sharpshooters and skirmish companies that were armed with state of the art target and repeating rifles.

Schedule of Events

     The following list of events is by no means complete. It is a compilation of local, annual and the series of 150th reenactments that are available to us or ones that there is an interest in attending. The listed events include the scenario, our impression, uniform and weapons guidelines. If anyone has any other events that they are interested in attending or would like to extend an invitation to the WSS or the National Henry Rifle Company, please contact Todd Koster at trk1862@msn.com. This list will be ammended from time to time, based upon members interest and unit committments.

2013 Events


July , 2013 - Gettysburg, PA                             *Blue and Gray Alliance 150th Event*

  • Scenario-July 1-3, 1863 Battle of Gettysburg
  • Impression-TBD
  • Uniform-TBD
  • Primary Arm-TBD
  • Secondary Arm-TBD

September 20-22, 2013 - Chickamauga, GA     *Blue and Gray Alliance 150th Event*

  • Scenario-September , 1863 Battle of Chickamauga, GA

We realize that the 150th Chickamauga is over a year away, but we also realize that vacation time and reenacting funds becomes valuable commodities and schedules fill up quickly.

It is our intent to form the two scout companies of Wilder's Brigade. One company will represent the 17th Indiana (armed in part with Henry rifles) and the other company will portray the 72nd Indiana (armed with Spencer rifles). We have been in touch with the command staff of the First Federal Division and given the go ahead to form a battalion to portray Wilder's Brigade. We are also working with the Division Cavalry Brigade and tentatively looking into the option of riding into one of the scenarios as true mounted infantry, just like they did 150 years ago. With that said, allot in the way of logistics needs to be worked it and we have just over a year to get it done.

We realize that some of you may be questioning the historical validity of Wilder's boys arming themselves with Henrys, but we have the research and first person accounts to justify the use of the Henry and our results the will be forthcoming.

Some of you may be frustrated because you don't own a repeating rifle, however do not let that be a deterrent. You don't have to carry a repeater to fall in with us. The majority of the 92nd Illinois, one of Wilder's regiments, still carried their Enfields at Chickamauga. In addtion, you could claim that your Spencer or Henry went down and you picked up a battlefield muzzle loader. Yes, it did happen. Or this will give you that excuse you need to buy a repeater.

We have put together a basic "kit" if you will for our portrayal of 17th and 72nd Indiana. We are not asking you to go out a buy a specific "authentic" coat or jacket, but we want a progressive look to our companies. Below is a breakdown of our impression. We realize that many of you also do cavalry, but we are asking for a western theater infantry look. Remember that Wilder's boys did not want to be mistaken for cavalry and went to great measures to distance themselves from anything yellow, including the removal of all of their yellow tape from their mounted services jackets.


Basic uniform requirements for Chickamauga:

These requirements are not meant to exclude anyone or to promote an elitist attitude, but to tighten up our impression. These are very basic but if you cannot meet these maybe you should reconsider your choice for the Chickamauga event.


1. Plain Hardee Hat

2. Period Civilian Style Hat

3. Forage Cap

No hat cords or brass. No hat cords or brass. No hat cords or brass.


1. Military Contract Shirt

2. Period Correct Civilian Shirt


1. 4 Button Sack Coat

2. 2. Untrimmed Shell Jacket (No Yellow Trim)



1. Period style glasses


2. Contacts

3. Squint allot

No modern eyewear. No modern eyewear. No modern eyewear.


Sky Blue wool infantry or mounted style trousers


Infantry leathers, haversack and canteen


1. Brogans

2. Period Correct Military Boots

No modern boots or shoes please. No modern boots or shoes please.


1. Shelter half, dog tent

2. Shebang

3. A-Tent if you must


1. Spencer Rifle

2. Henry Rifle

3. Springfield or Enfield 3 band

***No Spencer Carbines, they didn't reach the field until October of 1863.***

We need to keep a military camp and impression the entire event once it has started. Hide all non period items such as coolers, cell phones etc. We want to keep the impression sharp and need everyone to help by “policing” their impression.

If you are interested in portraying a part of Wilder's Brigade, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please ask.


If you have documentation proving our requirements wrong, please let us know. There is always an unturned stone.

If you need assistance in finding any items, such as a Henry or Spencer rifle, we can help.


Todd Koster
Steve Rossio
Andy Bresnan

Western Sharpshooters/66th Illinois, Co. D
National Henry Rifle Company



2014 Events


2014 - Franklin, TN



September 2014 - Atlanta Campaign, GA



2015 Events


2015 - Bentonville, GA