Western Sharpshooters, 66th Illinois, Co. D

Reenactors portraying the Civil War sharpshooters and skirmish companies that were armed with state of the art target and repeating rifles.

Basic Uniform Requirements

Our basic uniform is that of the "plain" Western Theater infantryman. However our various impressions may require some additional items to improve our portrayals. These items will be outlined in our event portrayal recommendations. If in doubt please ask, but for now read below...


  • 1858 Hardee Hat (no dressing on the hat unless documented)
  • Period correct civillian hat (avoid the "stetson" style hat)
  • Forage cap


  • 4-Button Sack-wool (everyone should have one of these, it fits many impressions throughout the war)
  • Shell Jacket-wool (untrimmed, good for early to mid war and some late war impressions)
  • Frock Coat-wool (infantry style, good for early to mid war)


  • Sky blue infantry trousers-wool (preferred)
  • Sky blue mounted trousers-wool are also acceptable since some of the units we portray served as mounted infantry at various times and were brigaded with cavalry regiments on occasion.


  • Military issue contract shirts
  • Period correct civillian style made from proper materials and patterns


  • Period Brogans (preferred) no modern work boots
  • Period tall boots are also acceptable on a limited basis, but harder to march in (In the spring of 1864 at the onset of the Atlanta Campaign, boots were prohibited for the enlisted troops.)
  • Socks are to be of period construction and natural materials


  • Period correct military or civillian pattern (preferred)
  • If you choose not to wear period drawers, we will not ask and as long as you don't show don't tell.


  • Military issue Springfield or Enfield muzzle loader (You can always use one of these. Not everyone had or bought a repeater.)
  • Dimick Target Rifle-Many of these were still in use during the Atlanta Campaign by the 66th Illinois WSS. (Lyman's Great Plains Rifle is a good choice for this or ask. No CVA, they don't look right)
  • Sharps Rifle with or without bayonet (infantry or double set trigger model)
  • Henry Rifle (Brass or Iron framed, 22" to 24" barrel, no carbines or trapper models)
  • Spencer Rifle with or without bayonet

Accoutrements (Not all impressions require all of these items)

  • .58 Caliber Infantry cartridge box (take the tins out to use for your repeater)
  • Canteen (smoothside preferred with cover)
  • Cartridge belt with appropriate buckle
  • Cap pouch
  • Double bag knapsack or bedroll
  • Haversack


     This will vary based upon our impression and scenario. Early war calls for the A-tents and the such. However, we often construct shebangs on the fields and in the woods. But you can't go wrong with a properly made shelter half. Avoid the canvas shelter halves with the waterproofing. They are too heavy and incorrect.

Odds and Ends

  • Eyewear-Period frames, contacts or squint
  • Maintain an 1861-1865 camp impression and environment (Hide the modern stuff)